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Stable Street

Stable Street was a commercial project for an office building that we completed in 2021. We produced two bespoke joinery pieces, one arrival coffee point and one cafe bar. The arrival coffee point used reclaimed brick, slate and chimney pots formed in large terrazzo sections to appear as one homogenous structure. The cafe bar was manufactured in green colour with rounded edges using eco resin and flint to create a seamless surface for dining. We also lifted the original timber flooring and recycled it creating a new unique pattern and installing a magnetic backing system for the raised access flooring. The material left over from this process was cut into small irregular pieces and incorporated into two large meeting tables, alongside elements of copper produced from the copper panelling used in the entrance and the lift. Using pure copper sheets with a hand brushed finish we produced a bold entrance to the office space. To give continuity to the interior we added copper elements to detail various pieces of joinery and floors throughout the building. In the main reception display and working area of the office we used large format cement panels with magnetic backing. We also used these cement boards with a custom red/terracotta colour on the walls of the meeting rooms and audio wall.

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